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Home emergency cover

This provides cover for emergencies that are not insured under a buildings insurance policy. For example, if the central heating system stopped working your insurer may be able to provide access to a tradesman or repairer, but you may still be responsible for the costs of repair.

This cover also provides a monetary limit towards the tradesmen's labour costs and parts used in the repair.

Some of the cover features of home emergency cover include:

  • Roofing problems such as leaks or tiles blown off during a storm or bad weather;
  • Blockages in the toilet waste pipes;
  • Plumbing problems related to leaking pipes, blocked drains, water tanks or leaking radiators;
  • Failure of the central heating system or boiler;
  • Failure of gas or electricity at your home;
  • Failure of the hot water system;
  • Loss of all keys needed to get into your home;
  • Broken or damaged windows and doors that are a security risk.


Our boiler breakdown and home emergency product, in partnership with HomeCall, provides swift and effective assistance when a domestic emergency occurs.


A version of our Home Emergency Cover designed specifically to assist landlords with domestic emergencies at rented-out properties.

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