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Before you go on holiday


Remember to bring with you:
  • Travel insurance documents. It is very important to obtain suitable travel insurance before you travel, since in many countries of the world, medical treatment has to be paid for and can add up to thousands of pounds depending on the treatment required.
  • Record of the serial number of travel tickets.
  • Record of passport number and date issued.
  • Record of credit card numbers.
  • Record of driving license number.
  • Serial number of travel insurance policy and a note of the emergency contact number.
  • A list of medical problems, allergies and treatments.

British Consulate

  • Keep names and addresses of friends and relatives with your passport so that the British Consulate can contact them if necessary. They may be able to help you return to the UK quickly but remember you will have to bear the costs.
  • Remember that the British Consulate is not able to pay any bills, including hotel or hospital bills, act as a travel agent, pay for travel, or give any legal advice or interfere with the legal proceedings of the country concerned. It is your own responsibility to organise these things for yourself.

Cost of treatment abroad

  • Check eligibility for free treatment or costs of treatment.
  • The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles United Kingdom residents access to necessary state-provided medical treatment, during a temporary visit in the European Economic Area (EEA) countries and Switzerland - at a reduced cost or free of charge. Please click here to apply.

Whilst abroad

Getting Treatment Abroad

This may be difficult and not at all straightforward. There may be charges, and there may not be reciprocal arrangements for healthcare with the UK. Fewer than 60 countries have them.

Make absolutely sure that you fully understand the position in all your destinations. Find out from your travel agent or the Tourist Office, Embassy or High Commission of your destination country well before you set off.

Make a list of any treatments received abroad and keep all receipts for treatments or drugs if you wish to make a claim on you travel insurance.

Eating Tips

Eat and drink safely. Good personal hygiene, for instance washing hands carefully after using a toilet is important.

If the water quality is dubious, drink only bottled water, and preferably of a known brand in sealed bottles, to avoid counterfeit or unclean water. Likewise avoid ice unless you know it has been made from sterilised or bottled water.

Eat freshly cooked food or fresh food which you have shelled or peeled yourself. Avoid ice creams from street stalls. Go to cafes or shops.

Avoid food which has been kept uncovered and avoid or boil unpasteurised milk.

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